Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

I think I might have found the greatest thing on the fabled internetz ever.

While not exactly linguistic in nature per se, the Geoffrey Chaucer hath a Blog page is wildly entertaining, and I can always claim that I posted it due to the ongoing fascination in linguistic blogs around the net with the LOLcats dialect(?), and other language trends online. Here you may find posts such as this;

“No thyng hath plesed me moore, or moore esed myn wery brayne than thes joili and gentil peyntures ycleped “Cat Macroes” or “LOL Cattes .” Thes wondirful peintures aren depicciouns of animals, many of them of gret weight and girth, the which proclayme humorous messages in sum queynte dialect of Englysshe (peraventure from the North?). Many of thes cattes (and squirreles) do desiren to haue a “cheezburger,” or sum tyme thei are in yower sum thinge doinge sum thinge to yt.

For many dayes ich haue desyred to maak Lolpilgrimes from the smal peyntures that Mayster Linkferste hath ymaad for my Tales of Canterburye – not oonly wolde it be a thing of muchel solaas to me, but it wolde be a good “pre writing exercise” (the which myn tutor, Archbishop Arundel, did alwey saye were of gret necessitee). And thus to-daye whanne ich had a smal spot of tyme bitwene a meetinge wyth a feng shui consultant and a recopyinge of the inventorie of carpentrie supplyes in Windsore, ich did go unto the wondrous LolCat Scriptorium of Gordon de McNaughton and did just go crazye…

Forfatter: Carsten Boll

-Om mig: Studerer lingvistik p

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting concept! Are you kidding me about my ideas mine A joke for you peoples! How do you circumcise a whale? Send down fore-skin divers.

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