Ceiling Cat Maek Awl teh Stuffz

(Kitteh speek vershun iz bilow! / Kitteh Pidgin version below.)

Some of us have kept a keen eye on Kitteh Pidgin since its very beginning. (Well, at least 2 of us have.) Since Happy Cat asked, “I can has cheezburger?” a lot has happened. The language has gained popularity over the internet (and spawned LOLCode and lolSQL among other things) and now Kitteh Pidgin has its very own bible (original LOLCat Bible online) — even a preacher (see video below).

Does this mean that Kitteh Pidgin can soon claim status as a living, spoken language?

Sum ov uz has keen ai on teh kitteh speek sins it happen n wus liek “OHAI!”! (Srsly, leest 2 uv uz has!) Lot iz happen sinz Happy Cat wus liek, “I can has cheezburger?“. Awl’z liek “DO WANT KITTEH SPEEK!!11” on teh intarwebz (fer exampul LOLCode an lolSQL happen) an nao kitteh speek can has baibul (iz on intarwebs tu!) n preechur (let me show u him in videow abuv)!

Kitteh speek nao can has rekugnishun as reel speek? Kthxbai!

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